Common Types Of Car Lift Jack and their Uses

Common Types Of Car Lift Jack and their Uses

The world has advanced technologically to a point where we could practically do whatever we want to do by ourselves through the power of the internet. This has made us independent. For example, repairing cars through the use of car jacks.

A car lift jack is mostly used to help lift the weight of a car. There are several kinds of car jacks and each and everyone has techniques and mechanisms.

Types Of Car Lift Jacks

Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Jacks are mostly used to carry heavy weight and also change wheels. Hydraulic jacks consist of levers, small pistons, and large pistons. The small piston is connected to the large piston through the Hollow Tube. A larger force is developed in the large piston, on the other hand, a small force is applied to the smaller piston.

Hydraulic Jacks are used mostly in automation, industrial, laboratory, marine, construction, and several others. An example of hydraulic jacks is a bottle jack.

A bottle jack is the commonest type of hydraulic jack, and It also comes with some cars. In order to use it, you need to pump the handles up and down. However, it helps in lifting the heaviest car without stress. You can make use of the hydraulic bottle jack even if you are a novice. It’s easier to carry and also it’s portable.

Mechanical Jack

Mechanical Jacks are the oldest jack mostly found in trucks. They are also lightweight and portable. However, it’s cheaper than a hydraulic jack which also requires low maintenance and repair. An example is a Scissors Jack.

It is called a scissors jack because it looks like scissors and with a threaded rod that is used to hold it together in the middle. When it is held tightly, it opens the two-layer that looks like scissors. They are mostly used for emergency purposes like changing of flat tyres.

How To Use A Scissors Jack

  • Locate the right position to lift your car. If you can’t find the right position, check the manual.
  • Once the right position is targeted, input your jack underneath the position you have found then twist the handle (level) slowly and uprightly to make sure the car is lifted appropriately.
  • Once that is done, insert the jack successfully and twist it with its lever anticlockwise to the normal position.

Car Lift Jack

A high lift jack which is not your regular jack that can be used just like a scissors jack. It requires technical know-how to use to avoid accidents. However, they come in handy to use for lifting heavy vehicles. It’s a must-have for any technician working with vehicles.


There are several other types of jacks aside Hydraulic Jacks and Mechanical Jacks. But with mechanical jack And Hydraulic jack, you can practically change your car tyre by yourself in an emergency. However, It’s advisable you take your car to the mechanic to know the state of your car if it isn’t an emergency.