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How do I get the box to work when I am traveling?

If you can connect to WiFi or a hotel internet, your InfiniteStream box will work. Watch this video to see how we get up and running quickly in a hotel room with an internet connection. Apple and Roku cannot do this!

Why should I pay $449 for InfiniteStream box, when I can get a Roku3 for $99?

Unlimited 3rd Party app access, premium upgrades, addons and security says it all in a nutshell. Based on the following points, it’s crystal clear that you can be comfortable and confident choosing InfiniteStream over other boxes. We are different than both major price point levels in the industry – we run circles around the $99 boxes, and our proprietary firmware and security set a firm distinction between InfiniteStream and our competitors.

  • First, we have a proprietary firmware that can be updated in an instant – “Over-the-Air” – through an easy download directly to your box...
  • Support, Support, SUPPORT…With our “LIVE CHAT” support, there will always be someone to help you make your InfiniteStream experience as smooth as possible…Other lower quality box providers charge for this feature if they even have it at all… When you purchase InfiniteStream it’s free!!!
  • Access to thousands of 3rd party apps to make your streaming experince that much better
  • Instructional Videos… so you can start using your box immediately. The competition sends you a box and a prayer.
  • Firmware updates…Very similar to an update for your phone, at InfiniteStream we are always working on new software to enhance your viewing experience. The last thing you want to do is buy a generic box that will never be updated…it’ll work for a few months, and then you have a paper weight!
  • Custom remote control just for you, only InfiniteStream has its very own custom remote with every option you need to get the full functionality out of your viewing experience.
  • Return policy, only InfiniteStream offers a 7 day money back guarantee and one year warranty on all boxes.

Do I need cable for the receiver to work?

No, all you need is an internet connection 10mb or faster.

How do I get this box to work?

We have two documents for you to download and an entire series of videos that take you from basic setup to advanced tips and tricks on our  Setup Page

Is there a warranty or return policy?

Yes & Yes! The receiver comes with a one-year warranty and 7 day money back if you’re not satisfied. The 7 day money back guarantee is based on date of purchase.

What all comes with the receiver?

Each receiver comes with a remote, HDMI cable, and power cord.

What are the available connections on the box?

USB (3), Optical, WiFi Antenna, RCA, HDMI, LAN, Power and SD memory InfiniteStream_connections

How many TV's will the receiver work on?

Each receiver works with one TV at a time but the unit is so small it can easily be moved into other rooms. You can also easily take it to a friend’s house to show it off or watch the UFC fight at their house so you don’t have to mess yours up!

Is InfiniteStream safe to use?

Yes most definitely. “Streaming” media is viewing content that already exists on the Internet. Many people get confused between downloading (which is illegal depending on licensing), uploading copyrighted material (which is illegal without licensing), and copying or selling material (which is illegal). Streaming and watching without downloading is legal. InfiniteStream does not download, upload, copy, or store any media. InfiniteStream has no connection or association with websites that host or store media content. InfiniteStream simply provides the navigation to connect with the websites and temporarily streams the data. The Data, Movie, or TV shows pass through your Internet cables, through InfiniteStream to your TV while you watch, but it is never stored, copied, or retained.

Am I able to download?

Yes, you can download, but we don’t recommend it (do so at your own risk), as downloading content is illegal if you do not already own the content you are looking to download. In other words, you can do it, but do so at your own risk!

Are there any fees to watch InfiniteStream?

No. We only charge you for the purchase of the InfiniteStream equipment. We do not have any associations, connections or control over the streaming media that you view on InfiniteStream.

Do you Guarantee the quality of the streams?

No. We cannot guarantee the quality, durability, longevity or integrity of the streams. These streams originate with third party entities and are completely out of our control or influence. As long as you have a good quality broadband connection you will always experience a more than satisfactory stream. The vast majority of streams are HD quality, and others are good to great quality. If a stream is not adequate or of a poor quality, there are many more available. Most of the time it’s just a matter of clicking on them and choosing a different path.

What do I do if the stream is constantly buffering or freezing?

There are two main reasons for this: 1. The stream that you are trying to connect to does not have enough bandwidth to deliver the stream adequately. The solution to this is to simply stop the stream and select a different one. 2. Your Internet or WiFi connection is inadequate. The solution to this is either upgrade your Internet connection or start using an Ethernet (wired) connection instead of your WiFi connection. Some people have even purchased a more powerful WiFi router.

The Video and Sound seem to be out of Sync Sometimes

Sometimes a small number streams have sync issues. If this occurs you can either select another stream or you can adjust the audio to sync with the video.

Should I cancel my existing Satellite or cable TV Provider?

That is entirely up to you. The InfiniteStream box can provide all the same viewing material and much more, but requires a different viewing habit than network viewing provides. Most of our customers are media lovers so one option is to keep your current provider and simply cut back to the lowest subscription available. InfiniteStream has no recording or playback facility like some devices that satellite or cable companies provide. If you like to record your shows then it may be wise not to cancel all your subscriptions, but it is entirely possible to cut them back to the very basic service. Everything else can be viewed on your InfiniteStream as long as you have a good quality broadband Internet connection.

Should I use WiFi or a Cable to Connect my InfiniteStream?

In most cases your WiFi should provide sufficient speeds to be able to use your InfiniteStream. If not you can either purchase another wireless router or connect directly with the LAN Ethernet cable.

I have a NetFlix Account, can I use InfiniteStream to watch NetFlix?

Yes. Remember NetFlix requires an account and paid subscription service. However, there is an App which is provided to be used to view your NetFlix Account.

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